Hi! I'm an outdoor enthusiast and purveyor of fine light crafted into memorable images by way of photography. As an Oregon native and local to the Willamette Valley, I really enjoy the proximity of the area to both the mountains and the coast.

My photography began and continues as a passion for exploring the beauty of nature combined with moments of unique light and atmosphere. The hope for my imagery is to convey the emotional impact produced by the particular mood or feeling of the moment. I previsualize an images, combining compositional elements to tell the story in the most compelling way possible.

My photography is an art and I use today's digital darkroom to bring the best out of an image. To understand what this means it's important to note that today's digital cameras use programming to "interpret" the RAW digital capture in order to render an image that is viewable. As an artist I take full control of the RAW image interpretation. In this way I'm able to achieve results that are far superior to the automation of a camera.