Hi! I'm an outdoor enthusiast and purveyor of fine light crafted into memorable images by way of photography. Based in Oregon, I really enjoy the proximity of the area to both the mountains and the coast.

My photography began and continues as a passion for exploring the beauty of nature combined with moments of unique light and atmosphere. The hope for my imagery is to convey the emotional impact felt while experiencing a place during these unique moments. I previsualize images, combining compositional elements to tell the story in the most compelling way possible.

The conundrum with photography is using man made equipment to create a representation of mother nature which is flawed and imperfect practice to begin with. Then in the same way we experience the present through the lens of our own memories and experiences, photographers impart their own perception into capturing an image. At this point the end result is already a translated interpretive representation. But it continues further with each individual viewer imparting their own perception. 


All this to say that an image must be processed whether mechanically or digitally using equipment and software in order to have something to look at. The end result will always be much better when the image maker imparts their vision opposed to leaving it to algorithms.